Sunday, April 10, 2016

Live like you're in debt

Instapundit features another way the Republican establishment can lose support - giving money to green energy supporters and their friends.
In December, Congress purposefully allowed a series of tax credits for so-called “green” energies to expire. This was not some mere oversight as some have alleged, but a purposeful recognition that as the energy landscape has changed, the need to extend some two dozen of these credits was unwarranted. Others were allowed to continue — but roughly $1.5 billion were not.
But now, four months later, claiming that the expiration of these tax credits was a mistake, members of Congress on both the left and the right have tacked them back into a must-pass FAA reauthorization bill. What do green energy tax credits have to do with the Federal Aviation Administration, you might ask? Absolutely nothing — except the crony capitalists in green energy need their credits, and the FAA’s reauthorization is the nearest piece of essential legislation that these folk can sink their hooks into.
Do the people pushing this realize we are $19 trillion in debt?
When you have huge, crushing debt looming over you, you need to be careful with your money.
You don't waste funds when they are limited.
Except our leaders will.

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