Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blame bureaucrats

The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf tries to help Hillary Clinton with her email - blame bureaucrats.
Too much stuff is top secret.
“We classify everything!”
“It’s a way of covering our assess, leveraging control of information to make ourselves more powerful, and feeling special. Sure, there are some secrets that really need to be kept. And we’re careful with that stuff. But when it comes to classified material, following the letter of the law would be a huge pain in the ass. And it would make government even less efficient than it is."
Why can't Hillary Clinton use this line of defense?
It destroys her entire reason for being.
The same people who clog the system with over classified messages also want to run your life.
Tell you the best health care plans, the best way to live, the places you can live, and things you can say.
If you can't trust these people to appropriately classify intelligence, why trust them with our lives?
Leave us alone to make our decisions.
The American people can decide to live their lives much better than being under the rule of Hillary Clinton and friends.

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