Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome to the party, pal

Politico gathers the mainstream media's interest in "Clinton Cash."
Can they protect both Clinton and the Obama team?
If not, who goes down?
"[T]he best-case scenario is bad enough: The Clintons have been disorganized and greedy," Chait writes. "The news today about the Clintons all fleshes out, in one way or another, their lack of interest in policing serious conflict-of-interest problems that arise in their overlapping roles."
Chait also places the "Clinton Cash" revelations in the context of larger Clintonian secrecy: "The Obama administration wanted Hillary Clinton to use official government email. She didn’t. The Obama administration also demanded that the Clinton Foundation disclose all its donors while she served as Secretary of State. It didn’t comply with that request, either."
Obama may be on his way out of office.
But the next few months should remain quite interesting.

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