Saturday, April 4, 2015

How much hate for your ancestors?

As the backlash against attacks against Memories Pizza grows, we're trying to find the point where the mob comes to its sense.
How about this?
The DNA of people who disapprove of same-sex marriage flows through your body.
It might be grandparents.
Or great-grandparents.
Or someone who lived in the 19th century.
Their opinion on the subject is the same as the Memories Pizza woman.
Do you want to attack them like you attack her?
You didn't know them - they died before you were born.
But you share a closer connection to them than the woman in Indiana.
You must denounce your own body.
It contains traces of what you consider hateful speech.

1 comment:

edutcher said...

Some of my forebears may have owned slaves.

Doubt it, but it's possible.

A few may very well have been some of the Indian fighters that ran the Iroquois out of New York State.

And, no, it doesn't keep me up nights.