Sunday, April 5, 2015

Not understanding the eternal concept

Easter - the day Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead and showed the way for eternal life for all.
Lots of concepts there to trip up an atheist.
Recently, there appears a total misunderstanding of eternity on this side.
They see eternity as a horrible monotony. All the problems of our current lives, stretching out forever.
That's misunderstanding the concept.
Our problems of the world don't follow us to heaven.
Jesus wipes away our tears.
Of course, the confusion over the nature of eternity comes because they can't prove there's no afterlife.
Just because they believe it doesn't make it so.
If you make afterlife the same or worse as life on Earth, then their argument to focus on the here and now makes some sense.
Reading this guy's column sounds like sour grapes - I didn't get the spiritual experience I sought with Christianity, so it must be bad.
The Bible says all of creation cries how about God's work in creation.
If only this guy and others had ears to hear.

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