Saturday, April 4, 2015

Make college an alcohol-free zone

C-Ville weekly enters the debate on the drinking age - and leads me to believe it should be raised.
Or banned at college.
Having the drinking age at 21 means some college students can partake and some can not.
That leaves two choices.
Reduce the age to 18, before people enter campus, or raise it beyond the age you should graduate - 22.
(You say many don't graduate in four years? Another reason to raise the age.)
The article also tries to debunk the link between drinking age and car accidents involving alcohol.
For UVA student Ken McDaniels, 20, with the Libertarian group Students for Individual Liberty, the drinking age law “instigates some violence as a trade-off for having those under 21 not drink.” It also violates a sense of privacy, giving the ABC the right to “terrorize” those it suspects of underage drinking, he said.
McDaniels rejects the argument that the 21 drinking age prevents underage drunk driving. “At UVA, everyone is walking everywhere,” he said. “And people are drinking anyway.”
Not all 18-20 year olds were admitted to UVa. Some have access to cars.
But there's been lots of bad news nationwide on college campuses.
Some due to alcohol use.
If colleges want to make themselves safer by banning guns, why not ban alcohol there?
Let those who fight for their country at age 18 drink.
Those who fight for party invites can wait a few years.

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