Monday, September 8, 2014

Ray Rice and Bob McDonnell

Watching Sunday's Ravens game, I thought "they lost this game in New Jersey in the winter." The rushing game needed Ray Rice.
Today, we find out there's no more Ray Rice for the Ravens. Nevermore.
In the midst of the anger at Rice for what he did, there's disappointment that a guy we thought we knew and supporter.
How did he behave so badly?
We're Ravens fans. The guys come and go, but he's one of the guys who brought us excitement over the past six years.
Did Rice do anything worse than others have done in the past? In the 95-year history of the NFL?
Probably not.
But his actions were caught on video.
Seeing makes a difference.
It's the same disappointment Bob McDonnell fans felt after his guilty verdict.
You thought you knew him well.
He was your guy, and his political victories were your victories.
Then came the charges, indictment and trial.
Maybe other politicians have gained more financially for selling their office.
But he got caught.
You may want to defend your guy, but the tsunami of criticism for the bad behavior pours down.
Your guy messed up.
You didn't.
Tomorrow, the sun will come up and you'll be wiser.
Rice and McDonnell will be living with their mistakes.

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