Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can we learn a lesson?

During the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky trial, you might have heard about Baltimore sportscaster Gerry Sandusky - what a difference one letter in your name can make.
His daughter worked with the Ravens as an intern before moving to work in relationship violence prevention.
She hopes to see more learning and less shouting from this episode.
I remember a time that I had made a character compromising decision and someone much wiser and empathetic told me that when you are young and you make a mistake, people react in two ways: some judge and some teach. In this world there are teachers and there are judgers.
I am not condoning Ray's actions. I'm not pretending to know what is going through his or his wife's mind. I'm suggesting that maybe instead of focusing all of our energy as a society on judging and analyzing and generating opinions, we should focus our energy on teaching.
Instead of bashing the Rice’s relationship, or criticizing how the Ravens handled the situation, or speculating that the NFL is comprised of a bunch of liars, or demanding statements and judgments from every member of the media; we should instead use this tragic incident as a reminder to treat our loved ones with care and kindness, educate our children about healthy relationships, reflect on our own priorities and ask ourselves if we are consistently making decisions we are proud of on a daily basis.

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