Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bad things make some people feel good

Virginia Right sees the problems around the world boiling down to one point - those using circumstances to elevate themselves and their views.
A woman goes after her man, slapping and spitting and screaming. They trap themselves in an enclosed elevator, stare each other down in mutual resentment, and together embrace the insanity of a mutual tragedy. He slugs her. Her head slams into a railing. She loses consciousness.
Hooray! What excellent circumstance! For now as a nation we may, as individuals and as a mob, pass judgment upon this man and this woman, upon those who employed the man, those who wore his jerseys on Thursday night, those who stood for The State and failed to pass a sentence that pleased us, and announce to ourselves and to all the world that “We’re angry because violence is bad!”.
How do you stand against this mob?
Be remembering that you're not alone.
And it's likely those proclaiming their anger at other faults have major faults of their own.

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