Saturday, January 5, 2013

You're rich; pay up

It's going to be a fun 2013 in Virginia - with Ken Cuccinelli running for governor and Democrats going crazy about him.
The latest irritant?
A battle with the EPA about water.
Bearing Drift cheers Cuccinelli for saving Virginia taxpayers $300 million.
Blue Virginia gripes.
The only argument of the plaintiffs for which I might have any sympathy is the question of "unfunded mandates" -- it is true that Congress creates, and Federal agencies enforce, requirements without any money provided to help local governments achieve them. That said, Fairfax County is the third-wealthiest county in America, not likely to go bankrupt any time soon. And if you want more Federal support for local environmental progress, don't empower Tea Party government-hating types like Ken Cuccinelli.
Come on, Fairfax County. You've got enough money to put up with whatever folly the EPA gives. On one stream in a large urban area.
There's not enough money to meet this standard in all waterways in that county.
What's to stop the EPA from demanding other governments meet their standard - without regard to cost?
Another good job by Cuccinelli.

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