Monday, January 21, 2013

Ray's legacy

Have you heard enough about Ray Lewis the last few weeks?
Are you prepared to hear more the next two?
As a Baltimore native, his story has been inspirational - getting the team into the Super Bowl after a lousy December.
But his past remains in the forefront for many people - even Wes Welker's wife.
Should Lewis be judged by what happened in Atlanta after Super Bowl XXXIV, or for the man he's become?
The man who wears a Psalms 91 t-shirt under his uniform and leads the chapel? From Monday Morning Quarterback.
Finally, this tweet from @ConnorBarwin98 of the Houston Texans: "Ray Lewis is going to make tebow look like an atheist the next two weeks." Not bad, Mr. Barwin.
We'll see and hear lots of Lewis the next two weeks.
He's definitely leaving a legacy as he leaves the Ravens.

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