Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fight my battle

The silliness of the "Redskins" name controversy reared its head this week.
A column complained about the name again.
The mayor added his silliness - you can't come back to the city with that name.
The Redskins have a great stadium next to the Beltway - easily accessed by fans in both Maryland and Virginia. Why would they consider a move back into the city?
If FedEx Field needs replacement, Maryland and Virginia will vigorously bid for the right to host it - no strings attached to the name.
Now another silly column - RGIII could make a name change happen but probably won't.
Why should he?
RGIII has great talent, and some sports columnists want him to use that talent to boost their causes.
If he doesn't do their bidding, they attack him as a corporate shill.
If you don't want the team to be called Redskins, win your battle on your own. Don't rely on threats and belittling those who don't push the question for you.

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