Friday, January 4, 2013

Da Grandfather

DaTech Guy tells a great story about his grandfather in Depression-era Massachusetts - who didn't believe in handouts.
In the court they stood before the judge and the man made a complaint saying he had threatened him with his razor. The judge being a sensible man listened to the story and asked Tony if he threatened him. Antonio answered the man had no business coming into his store and telling him how to support his children. As for the razor, he was shaving a customer at the time and had his razor in his hands. If he had not been in the middle of a shave he would have would have punched him and thrown him out.
The judge replied that if he had struck him there would have been a $10 fine.
My grandfather reached into his pocket, took one of those $10 bills that he worked so hard to earn, put in on the bench before the judge, turned to the man standing next to him and decked him.
No handouts. Punchouts were another matter.

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