Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are there Obama/Allen voters?

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal prompts the question of the campaign - are there voters who are going to vote for both President Obama and Republican George Allen?
The latest poll gives Obama a five-point lead, but has the Senate race tied.
Lay aside the poll has a Democratic advantage of plus-five, Allen appears to be getting some voters who plan to pick Obama.
Who are these people?
Blue Virginia's view would think the polls are understating the support for Kaine - people who vote Obama will pick the Democratic candidate and pull Kaine into the Senate.
What if the opposite is true - the polls are overstating the support for Obama. If you're a Virginian, you know both Allen and Kaine.
If you're a Virginian, you see Republicans leading the state government.
Those Senate numbers would be pretty solid. A poll with a Democratic lean means Allen can prepare for his return to the Senate.
Obama maintains a polling lead - for now.
If you've decided to vote Allen, will you choose Obama? Or Romney?
You might say you're going to vote Obama, but in the voting booth, with the real choice of the next four years at your fingertips, will anyone split their ticket?

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