Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Warren trouble

Legal Insurrection continues beating the drums on Elizabeth Warren and her recent legal work.
He links a review with 20 conclusions about the kerfluffle.
A fair review, and I like this one the best.
It appears likely that Warren is not alone among law professors, at Harvard and elsewhere, in being less than careful about meeting her professional licensing requirements. That is not an excuse for Prof. Warren, nor does it reflect well on her colleagues or the law schools they work for. Law professors should not be held to lower expectations of compliance with the rules of the legal profession just because they tend to be sloppy, careless, arrogant or “absent-minded,” depending on a critic’s level of charity.
Warren's foray into federal government focused on cracking down on credit card abuses, presuming the accused guilty.
But when Warren doesn't closely follow the law - as she demands others do - we should let her slide.
Don't think so.

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