Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anyone can inflame Muslim world

Thanks to the internet, anyone can catch the attention of a Muslim cleric with too much time on their hands - and create international incidents.
Even shake up the presidential race.
Do we all have to watch our words, lest Muslims be offended?
There's lots of people in the world - billions with the potential to irritate some Muslim cleric somewhere.
Can't stop them all.
Can we stop Muslims from overreacting?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Americans need to less arrogant and more intelligent---In a part of the world that is unstable with power vacuums---anything can be used/misused for politics---and the Prophet provides a powerful tool/cause to rally support. Therefore---it is simply plain stupid of Americans to allow Islamophobia to derail their geo-political stratetic policies---particularly since 60% of the 1.5 billion Muslims live in Asia---and China is doing a better job with their "Muslim" diplomacy.....and its geopolitcal strategic interest are similar to those of the U.S.....

Anonymous said...

If the people whom are clashing right now lived in a place with real capitalism, they would be working, not on the streets being violent. If their "world" is so good, why are there so many without jobs, who have time all day to stand around and protest every time their "God" gets made fun of.

-Tired Of It.