Monday, July 25, 2011

Sad, lost children of MSNBC

The Baltimore Sun's TV columnist has an interesting post on MSNBC - catching you with the lede paragraph.
MSNBC is built on a lie, and it's one that the cable channel is never going to be able escape as long as sticks to its leftist ideological guns.
Seems Keith Olbermann talked to Cenk Uygur recently.
They are former MSNBC hosts caught in a trap.
You can see a video of the interview here, but there is not enough time left in my life to try and explain all the innuendo and nutsiness going back and forth between these two former MSNBC employees. In the video, Uygur once again lays out his paranoid charges that the political powers that be in Washington (read: White House) essentially called in his boss at MSNBC and told him to tone Uygur down.
Essentially, most MSNBC hosts are employees of a huge corporation that allows them air time to rail against huge corporations causing our problems. But if all hugh corporations were the problem, how come this one lets these hosts do their shows?
If many people watched MSNBC, this might matter more.
UPDATE: Linked by DaTech Guy.

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