Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banding together

What's the state of the conservative blogosphere?
John Hawkins' post has ignited bloggers in the lower tiers, looking for way to help each other.
Surely, the blogosphere is changing. Newspapers and TV stations have individual turnover, but the product keeps going. Individuals may close their blogs, but others do pick up the slack. It's just not as formal a turnover.
Iowntheworld wants to help bloggers with their traffic.
Jimmie remembers the way things were.
Paco tells why he blogs.
Hawkins’ points seem valid, but, really, so what? They are more pertinent to bloggers who dreamed of becoming the next Instapundit than to a lot (possibly the majority) of us who got involved because it seemed to be a fun thing to do.
Zilla has a good last word.
UPDATE: I link Paco, and he links me.
UPDATE2: Part of the roundup at


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