Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No bypassing the bypass

I thought I heard a loud noise coming from Charlottesville this afternoon - the state has approved building the Western Bypass of U.S. 29.
I attended a VDOT presentation on the road in 1997. WINA radio picked me to be interviewed about the road, and I said it would be built.
Charlottesville residents may hate the idea of the road, but it's not for Charlottesville people. It's for people in Lynchburg and Danville, who feel they need quicker access to Washington, D.C.
Don't like the bypass?
Cut government spending.
A smaller federal government would reduce the need for people to head that direction. Lynchburg and Danville already have great access to North Carolina's growth areas.
Charlottesville is the last roadblock on U.S. 29 between I-66 and the North Carolina line. Which is why it hasn't been killed, despite overwhelming criticism from Charlottesville area residents.
Building the road will help other people. Why don't you want to help other people?

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