Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it bigger

Charlottesville has been fighting about a western bypass for over 20 years.
Before my oldest was born, I attended a meeting about the road. I commented on the radio that the road would have to be built - a rare opinion in Charlottesville then and now.
The bypass idea has reared its head again. Opponents say it won't work because it's too small.
I agree - a much bigger bypass is needed.
But Charlottesville's geography is a roadblock to building a big road to help Lynchburg and Danville traffic get to Washington. Which is why the smaller bypass was selected in 1990 as Charlottesville has grown around it.
Why not a new road out of Lynchburg?
Follow the James River toward Scottsville, and hook up with Route 15 in Fluvanna County. It would be easier to four-lane that road through Orange to Culpeper, where you rejoin Route 29 for the trip to Washington.
When it comes to roads in central Virginia, think bigger.
And on Friday evenings, you've got plenty of time in traffic to think of new Route 29 ideas.

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