Thursday, March 31, 2011

Team naming time

The beginning of youth soccer season means you need a team name.
Baseball is easy. Pick a major league team, or one's been picked for you.
Or get one related to your school's nickname.
Every season is different.
The oldest played his first season on the "Red Hot Chili Peppers." The jersey was red, of course.
When I coached the youngest on his kindergarten team, we were the Green Tornadoes.
The youngest is now in the fourth grade. His team jersey color is Maroon.
What to call them?
He suggested Maroon 5 for the band. But there's 11 on the roster and seven on the field at a time.
Coach asked them for a name at the end of today's practice.
They suggested "Bloody Beasts."
Coach wasn't quite too sure, but we'll see if it sticks the next game.
Then I'd be the proud parent of a Bloody Beast.

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