Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If you can read this blog, thank a teacher

Teacher Ken has spearheaded an effort to highlight unionized teachers.
He's got a lengthy post at Blue Virginia on why he's a union teacher. It's good reading, but a point jumps out - we need the union to keep government lackies from putting their own lazy people in the schools.
nepotism - too many people forget when school boards would hire people who were related to them by blood or political affiliation even if they were unqualified. Absent protections, qualified people would be forced out for the nephews and the political contributors.

See, here's a point of agreement between the unionized teachers and Tea Party. You can't trust government to make the right decision.
Government officials look out for their own self-interest - whether hiring family members or giving pay and benefits beyond budgetary reality. It's not the fault of teachers that politicians didn't think ahead, but now we all need to think ahead.
It's not just oil companies that have money. Government workers - who think of themselves as working class - are high up the ladder nowadays.
The kids - the ones you're helping prepare for the future - will bear the future tax burdens for what you want now.
That's what the battle is about.
Teaching is important.
Getting out of debt is important.
Read what the teachers have to say. And read the bottom line.

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