Friday, March 25, 2011

For those who love gerrymandering

Via NRO's Campaign Spot, a Democratic plan to boost their chances in Arkansas - the pig trail.
The map is the Democrat’s solution to the partisan problem presented by the changes in population from the latest U.S. Census. The Third Congressional District, ripe with predominately Republican voters, has about 110,000 too many people, while the fourth district and the first district each need to pick up several thousand new residents.

Thus, the Democrats playing with the new Congressional maps have come up with the solution of trying to pull out Democratic area of the third instead of the Republican areas which line the borders. The only concentration of reliably Democrat voters are in the Fayetteville area.

Of course, the problem is Fayetteville is roughly 60 miles away from the fourth district with their Democrat voters tucked behind several hundred thousand voters in the Fort Smith area. However, this will not deter the Democrat mapmakers determined to hold on to the one remaining Democratic district and perhaps even win back at least one of the seats they lost. Therefore their map is being drafted which goes around any population centers and takes in roughly sixty miles of national forest to get to the Democratic voters in the Fayetteville area.
Check out the map and you'll never fuss at Republicans in Virginia.

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