Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I don't know how to quit you, bracket

It's so nice to see President Obama getting slammed for his NCAA bracket - especially when you just pick the top four seeds to make the Final Four.
Where's your special insight, man? I pick a bracket with the top seeds just to see how well it does.
My personal interest in doing a bracket has waned. Too much luck involved whether a team advances all the way.
You know there's going to be upsets, so you pick some and instead have double the losses - other lower seeds win while the team you thought would lose moves on. Sure, somebody in the country gets all 32 first-round games right, but that's bound to happen with millions of brackets being considered.
Let's look to next year. It's the primary season for the 2012 Presidential campaign.
Republicans are crossing the country, talking about issues.
President Obama is back on ESPN, talking college basketball.
President Obama is getting near his "Killer Rabbit" moment. His "vomit in Japan" moment. When the nagging concerns people have about him coalesce into the main image.
Obama cares more about hoops than jobs.
President Obama needs to learn how to quit the bracket hype.

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