Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remember the 1850s

In the hype over Confederate History Month, I came across this interesting stat in the Hook. In the 1850 census, 93 percent of white southerners did not own a slave.
Only 30,000 people owned more than one slave.


Anonymous said...

Read a lot of civil war stats while researching family history. Funny that everyone acts like every Southerner held slaves when only a few did. I can't fault the slave owners as bad as the tribal chiefs who sold their people into slavery. Blacks should really be mad at blacks.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the academic left are too "clever" to be bothered with that statistic. They'd argue that the society as a whole was structured in such a way to be oppressive; therefore slave owner or not, all white southerners were culpable in some way.

Some of those links are amusing. I liked the one about the proclamation having "no mention of slavery"-as though we haven't spent the last few decades hearing almost NOTHING BUT slavery when discussing the antebellum/War between the States period.

Since the Ken Burns documentary, the war has been portrayed as little more than wicked Southerners getting their just deserts. If what they teach about the war in LOCAL(!)schools is any indication, this is not going to change any time soon. This, mind you, is an area that was utterly wrecked by Union crimes against civilian property! When was the last time anyone grovelled a public apology about Sheridan or Sherman?