Sunday, April 18, 2010

When did you stop beating your wife?

The distraction continues. Thinking racism underlies the tea party movement.
This post links trying to keep your position in society to slavery. Slave owners wanted to preserve their spot in 1787 America, thus anyone fighting President Obama must be a racist.
Like the question in the headline, it tries to throw supporters off their game. A question for distraction, not illumination. Racism is the only thing these people see. No answer satisfies.
To extend the author's thought process, since Democrats hold the power in Washington now, they should all voluntarily give it up next election. No trying for a second term for President Obama in 2012. To do so would be racist (maintaining their privileges through local political control).
You boil down the tea party movement's opposition to President Obama in two parts - first, it won't work. Second, when it doesn't work, those who said it wouldn't work will bear more of the pain.
The only race in the tea party is the race to save the country.

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