Friday, April 23, 2010

More California trouble

Instapundit highlights another article on the pension trouble looming in California.
The union guy offers some good advice. Probably not the way he meant it.
"When you have men and women standing side by side in extremely stressful, hazardous, grueling situations over the course of a career, it's hard to look one or the other in the eye and say your future security matters less," said Carroll Wills, a spokesman for California Professional Firefighters, which represents 30,000 state public safety workers.
Yeah, it's not fair if you have better pension benefits than younger people. We should cut yours to the level we now think we can pay.
If we've cut more than we need, we'll make it up.
But I don't think you want taxpayers working until they are 75 to pay for you to retire at 55. They will remember your quote.

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