Saturday, September 1, 2018

Don't trust David Pecker

Last week's news included the head of American Media - David Pecker - getting immunity in the government probes of people who knew Donald Trump.
Can Pecker be trusted?
He's killed before.
He killed the Weekly World News after he bought the tabloid along with the National Enquirer.
The guy who took over bears the delightfully Dickensian name of David Pecker. In 1999, Pecker bought American Media, which owned the National Enquirer, the Star and the Weekly World News. Changes were made and soon a lot of WWN's old-timers were gone -- Eddie Clontz, Ivone, Berger, Lind, Kulpa -- replaced by young comedy writers.
"He wanted to hire comedy writers," Ivone says. "But it's not just comedy. It's a different skill set."
Gradually, WWN changed. Bat Boy became a comic strip, one of several strips in the new WWN, none of them very comic. The new editors also added lame advice columns by "Lester the Typing Horse" and "Sammy the Chatting Chimp." Ed Anger remained and he was still "pig-biting mad" but he wasn't so funny anymore. Circulation plummeted.
I don't trust him based on this from 2007.

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