Monday, March 12, 2018

He chose poorly

Clay Travis highlights a story about the bad relationship between ESPN and the NFL.
Their former leader appears to have botched the business side with the important client.
In the past, ESPN had executives in place who could mollify the NFL. Over the past two years, though, ESPN did not. Skipper did not engage with the people who matter at the NFL, like Goodell and Brian Rolapp, executive vice president of media, sources said. Skipper, who was known to favor basketball and his relationship with Adam Silver over the NFL and its leaders, never fully engaged in the partnership. He did not socialize with or develop close ties to influential owners, like Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the Cowboys’ Jones. It seemed like the folksy Southerner had little in common with the people at the top of the NFL.
Maybe instead of complaining about President Trump, ESPN could have learned business lessons from him.

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