Monday, November 21, 2016

You might be persuaded

Scott Adams asks you to imagine how the campaign would have gone without Donald Trump.
If Trump didn’t win because of his persuasion skills, which other Republican candidate can you imagine beating Clinton?
You might be thinking that Clinton’s email problems and the Comey announcements made her an unusually weak candidate, and that means any sane Republican could have beaten her. But you’d be wrong. The reason that the emails, the Comey decisions, and Wikileaks were so effective is that Trump had been labelling Clinton “Crooked Hillary” for months. That created the confirmation bias trap that made everything Clinton ever did sound suspicious. None of the other candidates would have crafted such a perfect persuasion trap.
I also have a hard time imagining any other candidate going after Bill Clinton so hard that it took him out of the game. Was Jeb going to do that?
If you're happy to avoid President Hillary Clinton, thank Donald Trump.

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