Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ugly thoughts

Andy Schmookler continues trying to deal with the idea of a Trump presidency.
What's the ugly thought behind his latest column?
Calling Trump and his crew part of the ugly side of American life.
Likewise, Trump’s being in thrall to ugliness means that he is drawn to other ugly people. So he surrounds himself with a veritable Rogues’ Gallery of ugly people, like Steve Bannon and Rudy Guiliani. And now we have, day by day, additions to the roster of ugly people who will be sitting around the table with Trump.
(It is my intuitive sense that it is Bannon more than Trump who has determined these ugly appointments. It looks that way to me because I have not seen Trump as having the kind of firm commitment to an ugly hard-right ideology as these appointments represent. Whereas Bannon, seems much more driven by an ideologically-determined set of goals toward which he wants the power of this presidency to take the nation and the world.)
Ugly thoughts about Steve Bannon.
Instead of thinking how Trump wants to make America great again.

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