Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blow back

It's been an enjoyable two weeks watching Democrats and liberals struggling to deal with the looming Trump presidency.
Charles Blow of the New York Times is the latest to take a swing.
I will say proudly and happily that I was not present at this meeting. The very idea of sitting across the table from a demagogue who preyed on racial, ethnic and religious hostilities and treating him with decorum and social grace fills me with disgust, to the point of overflowing. Let me tell you here where I stand on your “I hope we can all get along” plea: Never.
You are an aberration and abomination who is willing to do and say anything — no matter whom it aligns you with and whom it hurts — to satisfy your ambitions.
Nice blast.
What will it accomplish?
You can vent and complain, but January 20 is coming.
You need more than anger to deal with the Trump presidency.
The problem for liberals?
They think Republicans only fought President Obama over anger, or superficial issues.
To win again, they need policies that work for more than a few Americans who vote for them.

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