Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Suicide isn't painless

Matt Walsh looks at the media attention over Robin Williams and issues a warning.
There are important truths we can take from the suicide of a rich and powerful man, yet I’m worried that we are too afraid to tackle the subject, or too blind to tackle it with any depth, so we only perpetuate the problem. But worse than the glossing over of suicide is the fact that we seem to approach it with an attitude that nearly resembles admiration.
The issue isn't depression.
It's what he did.
And how his loved ones have to deal with it.
I understand the inclination to be positive, but there is nothing positive to say about it. The cloud is infinitely dark, and there is no silver lining around it. That’s another tragic element to the evil of suicide — it robs your family of the solaces they naturally seek when a loved one passes away.
It's sad, and doesn't need to be sadder for others.

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