Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Slobs for Bob

Dana Milbank sees no way for Bob McDonnell to win in the current trial - even if found not guilty.
Had he taken the deal, McDonnell would have looked like a sleazy pol. Now, he looks like a sleazy pol and a cad. Even if the former GOP governor beats the 13 counts, the trial is showing him to be not just greedy but also ungallant, allowing his wife and children to suffer to minimize his own shame.
McDonnell’s decision not to make a plea bargain meant that one of his daughters had to testify tearfully last week about improper gifts from Williams and others that financed her wedding, and that the world now knows about the e-mail message the governor’s wife sent Williams after the 2011 earthquake: “I just felt the earth move and I wasn’t having sex!!!!”
The longer the trial goes on, the more stuck in the mud McDonnell gets.

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