Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When's the next battle?

Did the last two weeks solve anything?
There's still tons of debt.
Diminished hope for economic revitalization.
More Obamacare surprises.
Why must the fight continue? We don't have the resources to plug the holes.
We can’t just gently restrain the growth of a few programs and wait for rising GDP to bail us out. Many of the factors that are making us grow more slowly, like an aging population, are making government outlays grow more quickly than usual. Someone is going to have to pay -- or lose what they've been counting on getting.
Yes, the holdouts in the Republican caucus have been particularly unwise. But we shouldn't count on things getting better any time soon. The Republican Party may be frustrated by its inability to halt the growth of the welfare state. But congressional Democrats will probably soon find themselves equally frustrated by their inability to get voters to pay for it.

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