Sunday, October 20, 2013

A paper that makes a decision

The newspaper in the state capital failed to make an endorsement for Virginia governor.
It's up to a paper in the coalfields to boost Ken Cuccinelli.
However, after careful consideration and debate, we endorse Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia. And our endorsement is based upon his past and current support for the coal industry of Southwest Virginia. It is clear to us that Terry McAuliffe is aligned with Barack Obama when it comes to Washington’s destructive war on coal. He’s said as much to Richmond-based reporters by openly endorsing the Obama administration’s controversial new EPA rules.
We would hope that it would be clear to voters that Ken Cuccinelli is the best and only logical choice for the future of the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. A vote for Ken Cuccinelli is a vote against Obama and his foolish war on coal. And it’s a vote for the future of Southwest Virginia and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Save jobs in the coalfields.
Vote for Cuccinelli.

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