Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the Democratic bubble

One of the hotly-contested (for the first time in a long time) congressional districts is the 3rd district of West Virginia. Nick Joe Rahall has been in Congress since I was a freshman in high school.
He debated opponent Spike Maynard Tuesday. But there wasn't much debate about coal.
“I’ve waged many a battles for coal, and I will continue to wage many a battles for coal,” Rahall said. “I’m not about to stop now. It’s a fight. Oh it’s a fight. You can count on me to continue fighting the good fight.”
Yes, that was from a Democrat.
And Maynard knew his talking points.
“I got sick of Nancy Pelosi,” Maynard said. “Now Pelosi and Obama have declared war on coal. I think we should fire Nancy Pelosi instead. My opponent, Mr. Rahall, is on the Pelosi, Obama team. He votes with them 95.5 percent of the time.”

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