Monday, September 13, 2010

Maybe "unelectable" works this year

From Kentucky to Nevada, Alaska and now Delaware, we've had "Tea Party" "extreme" candidates take on the establishment GOP.
The establishment says their candidates are more likely to win in November. But the "extreme" candidates are winning primaries and holding their own.
Maybe it's what the people want in 2010. Establishment candidates are more likely to go along with the lousy way Washington works.
What tarnished the Republican brand in 2006? Being too much like Democrats. Spending too much. Not remembering their promises to shrink government.
"Extreme" candidates probably won't care what the establishment thinks when they get to Washington. So what if the establishment doesn't like them. They don't like the establishment.
I think the numbers are against the establishment. There will be less money, not more, coming into Washington. You won't be able promise things to get elected.
It's a different election season. It's time for different types of candidates.
And in 2011, we'll have a different kind of establishment.

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