Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pelosi, Reid and Votefortheworst

I haven't watched much American Idol this season, but I love checking out They have great pride in their ability to game the system to keep untalented singers in the competition.
Tim Urban has been their pick for a while. Vivian isn't impressed.
Idol producers look for ways to dilute the power of a group like votefortheworst, but obviously this year the worsters have the upper hand.
Picking a winner for American Idol isn't life and death. Some winners haven't done well after the show, and some who didn't win - Daughtery - have good careers going. Once you get into the top 10, you're getting enough experience and exposure to have your shot at stardom.
The continued, simmering distrust of Congress after the health care bill seems to flow from their "Votefortheworst" tendencies. They looked at the system and gamed it just enough to get the bill passed.
Like those who claim Idol producers push certain singers and storylines to get them into the top 10, the Democrats pushed their storyline. And America is left to pay for a "Tim Urban" health care plan.

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