Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishersville Mike's Joyous, Rowdy April

Four days until tax day. And the protesters are gearing up for Thursday's big events.
With the Other McCain in New Orleans, Smitty puts out the roundup.
Carol's got the pre-tea party roundup.
Pat charges up her roundup.
Reaganite Republican Resistance finds the best of new media.
Ruby Slippers rides in with a great roundup.
Camp of the Saints cleaned out the cache.
Classic Liberal knows the roundup rules.
Carl shines a light on hardworkers.
Virginia Right has his Tea Party covered.
Dustbury turns 14.
DaTech Guy remembers a special day.
Lonely Conservative says "Yes, we Cain."
Troglopundit claims credit for sending Bart Stupak to retirement.
Wyblog joined Chipanddales.
Grandpa John wasn't happy Saturday night.
Naked Villiany ponders the beginning of the Nationals' season.
Paco stocks up.
Doug Ross has some hot news.
Daley Gator gives the seal of approval to a blog post.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Find a good place to blog, prepare for the future and get inspired.

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Thanks for the link, Mike!