Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buffet of trouble

A Golden Corral has opened in Waynesboro. Driving by, it looked like the parking lot was packed.
It got me thinking about the new health care bill. Captain Ed had a story about the requirements that menus have calorie information, and how it may impact pizza places.
How about buffets? As you walk the line, will each menu item have its nutritional values listed?
Will you need a calculator to know how many calories you're selecting?
Instead of all-you-can-eat, will buffets become this many calories and no more?
If you have too many calories on your plate, will the poor checkout person have to tell you?
Will the checkout person have the phone number for your local Congresscritter, so you can complain to the person who made the decision?
Is this just wild talk, or has some bureaucrat thought about regulating buffets?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Stop thinking comrade. The government knows best ! ! ! If you persist, we will have to send u to a new Dietary Interdiction Education Team Camp. You will be taught the value of complying to the government which is acting in your best interest.LOL