Sunday, March 8, 2020

Remember Little Sisters of the Poor

Slate's Dahlia Lithwick whines about the latest abortion case before the Supreme Court.
It's so unfair that doctors at clinics need admitting privileges at local hospitals.
She tells how safe the clinics are.
This very proficiency is part of the reason they cannot obtain admitting privileges and the record shows that they did in fact try and were refused. Hospitals don’t want to give such privileges to physicians who almost never need admit a patient. As Breyer noted in Whole Woman’s Health, doctors at the El Paso clinic in Texas performed 17,000 procedures in the preceding 10 years and not one had to be transferred to a hospital. That made admitting privileges impossible to obtain.
So the rules aren't needed because they are necessary.
An extra financial burden.
Yet Obamacare demanded the nuns at Little Sisters of the Poor have birth control and contraception in their health plans.
For that group, it wasn't needed. It was just an extra financial burden.
Liberals can't push rules to promote abortion and then complain when the same logic is used against abortion providers.

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