Friday, March 20, 2020

It's the perfect time to panic

PJ Media looks at the matchup between President Trump and NBC's Peter Alexander.
President Trump described himself as optimistic and full of hope. He believes the people are with him and not scared, but acting in a prudent and measured way in a difficult time. "When, not IF, when we win the war," he said he is confident that jobs will come back.
The president wants the media to share the good news with the country and stop fear-mongering and searching for the worst-case scenarios and instead focus on the enormous efforts that are underway to bring this crisis to a swift end. No U.S. hospitals have been overwhelmed thus far, supplies are on the way, and American companies are stepping up to fill in any shortage gaps by manufacturing anything that is needed. Cruiselines are offering ships for more hospital space, Navy ships are being deployed to the places hardest hit, and millions of masks for medical professionals are on the way. But none of the reporters in that room wanted to focus on these amazing developments and instead were single-mindedly trying to trip Trump up and get a viral clip of themselves on social media because "orange man bad."
Good times are coming.
Even if the media can't see it.

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