Thursday, December 19, 2019

Supreme idiocy

Powerline joins Mark Levin in trying to figure out what Democrats are thinking on impeachment.
Could it be the Supreme Court?
While the fact that President Trump is being impeached won’t prevent him from appointing, or the Senate from confirming, a new justice, should there be a vacancy in the next eleven months, I think Levin is right to think that the Democrats are planning the ultimate Donnybrook if there is another vacancy. The idea that an impeached president shouldn’t be allowed to exercise his constitutional authority to appoint a Supreme Court justice is silly on its face, but that view would be trumpeted by pretty much every news outlet in America if the occasion arises.
In that event, the Democrats’ most realistic hope is that their campaign might persuade a handful of squishy Republican Senators to tell the White House that, in view of impeachment and all, President Trump must appoint a moderate, or they will join with the Democrats to block his choice. Would that happen? I doubt it, but the Democrats place an immense importance on the Supreme Court, and even the slim chance that impeachment could be used to frustrate the nomination of a real conservative could go a long way toward explaining why they are willing to embarrass themselves with a futile impeachment drive.

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