Thursday, December 26, 2019

Agree with us or you're racist

Blue Virginia offers its reasons to support the proposed bill dealing with housing density.
But keeps circling back to a threat for opponents.
“More than that, its history is ugly. Single-family zoning in America originated to segregate types of buildings as a proxy for segregating people, mostly by race and income. We do not need words in our laws today that continue to enable patterns that echo that history.”
Do you oppose this proposal?
Your reasons don't matter.
Zoning is racist so you're racist.
Even among Democrats in Arlington County.
Sadly, it’s not just right wingers who are resistant to opening up housing markets to different, denser types of housing. See this article, for instance, about how deep-blue Arlington County – “expensive” and “dominated by single-family homes” – is already bracing for “blowback” simply from a “a forthcoming study of so-called “missing middle” housing, which refers to homes that fall between apartment-sized and single family-sized.” Because, the sad reality is, “opening land to denser construction [aka, ‘upzoning’]…has long been a third rail in suburban communities.”
Let's let Democrats change the minds of people in Arlington before trying the rest of the state.

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