Saturday, October 5, 2019

If you build it, jobs will come

There's vocal opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia.
But what about in West Virginia, where the gas resides - waiting for a way to market. And there's people ready to work the project.
Randolph County Commission President Mark Scott stated that he appreciates the commitment to continuing the project and added that “it’s something that needs to be done.”
“This state was swimming in gas, and there was no way to get it out. Having a way to get it out to the consumers that need it is vital,” said Scott.
What about crossing the Appalachian Trail?
“The National Forest Service has the right to approve utilities, power lines, water lines and sewer lines, but it doesn’t specifically say pipelines.”
“Historically, there have been 62 pipelines that already cross the Appalachian Trail, but ours was taken up to the Forest Circuit, which said that the National Forest Service didn’t have the authority to approve a pipeline — even though 62 have already been installed underneath the Appalachian Trial.”
“That is being taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court,” he said. “We’re very optimistic that that will be a ruling in our favor so we can continue construction of the project.”

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