Sunday, August 18, 2019

Begun, the Facebook wars have

Larry Correia finds himself banned from Facebook for posts about imaginary countries and a blogger with imaginary followers.
But it raises the question about why conservatives get blocked or banned.
But more importantly on a basic philosophical level, the left is always compelled to try and silence the right, while the right usually prefers the left to keep talking so that everybody can hear how stupid they sound. So the whole deplatforming tactic seems alien to most of the people on my side.
Maybe some good will come of this.
I’m on social media for one reason. That’s to sell books and interact with my fans. Everything else is a distraction (arguing with idiots mostly, though it does help me come up with snappy dialog). I used to primarily talk to the fans here, but for a while there it seemed like Facebook had killed blogging (people go wherever it is easiest to communicate) but now through their ham fisted, censorious ways, blogging might make a comeback.

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