Thursday, March 28, 2019

Talk this way

After a great week for President Trump, how about a salute to talk radio hosts?
Talk radio was at the forefront reminding audiences of the difference between someone going to jail for tax and bank fraud versus having a hand in treason. Talk radio stopped to ask just who are these “unnamed sources” claiming “explosive new claims” while mainstream media relentlessly hyperventilated, “Today was the bombshell to inevitably take down the Trump administration once and for all!”
Don’t forget all the hours and hours of former Washington power players who sat in cable news guest chairs each predicting the unmistakable, undeniable, unforgivable, unquestionable crimes they just KNEW Donald Trump and his campaign committed. They staked their reputations on their certainty of Donald Trump’s guilt.
Meanwhile talk radio sliced, diced, and parsed each of their claims. Instead, questioning just what all these bureaucrat-turned-cable pundits might have had to hide themselves while they pointed the finger at Trump shouting “GUILTY!”

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