Sunday, March 31, 2019

No Churchills here

Andy Schmookler at Blue Virginia pines for a hero - a Democrat to rally Americans like Winston Churchill rallied the British through World War II.
Who could that be in 2020?
Churchill spent the '30s warning of the looming danger of Hitler's Germany. But he was a lone voice in the political wilderness.
The establishment didn't listen to him.
They mocked him.
The people wanted peace, not war. They thought pledging not to fight would bring peace.
I found this in the Wikipedia entry on the famous Oxford Union debate about fighting for King and Country.
Digby addressed the packed chamber: "It is no mere coincidence that the only country fighting for the cause of peace, Soviet Russia, is the country that has rid itself of the war-mongering clique. The justification urged for the last war was that it was a war to end war. If that were untrue it was a dastardly lie; if it were true, what justification is there for opposition to this motion tonight?"
They thought Soviet Russia was doing things the right way.
I guess Bernie would be his best Churchill.
Everyone else in the Democratic field appears to have the same views, sticking with the herd.
No opinions are allowed that don't match the current tenor of the activists.
Not the place to find a Churchill that fights.

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