Sunday, February 10, 2019

What Trump did Wednesday

Salena Zito has the story of a class from Webster County, West Virginia getting an unexpected call from President Trump.
Senator Joe Manchin was chatting with the students when he found out President Trump wanted to talk. Manchin advised what he was doing, and Trump wanted to join in.
“So, I pick up the phone and his assistant Madeline says, ‘The president wants to talk to you, Joe.’ And I said, ‘OK, Madeline. I'm on a call. Let me just tell these kids I'm gonna put them on hold for a little bit. Just a second, I won't tell them anything,’” Manchin explained.
He tells the kids he needs to put them on pause for a few minutes and from their vantage point, Stout and Williams explained all they saw was a black screen. A few moments later, Manchin comes back and tells the students he has “a little surprise for you.”
Manchin put the phone on speaker, and the president starts to chat with the kids.

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